You will be able to follow customer responses to your marketing and advertising activities in-time, plan and create profitable marketing activities as well as create result reports.
  • You will be able to enrich both your customers’ and leads’ data with clear segment definitions.
  • You can also add a desired segment group as a target market to a marketing list.
  • You can carry out actions such as sending SMS and e-mails as well as planning visits, etc. to all your customers and leads in a marketing list.
  • Furthermore, you can create various campaigns and calculate their costs.
  • You can make announcements about created campaigns as well as be able to measure customers’ responses to them, i.e. measure a campaign’s success.
You can re-design your sales processes or easily implement existing ones with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Your sales team will easily be able to adapt to it thanks to its user-friendly interface, successful process management feature, work-flow support and reporting and audit mechanisms, meaning it will be the most important IT component for productivity and profitability in your business.
  • You can develop sales planning and management on a regional and team basis.
  • You can use price list and discount list configurations for quote preparation.
  • You can distribute all information according to role among all sales groups and representatives.
  • You can automate your lead management process. You can create automatic e-mails for leads and opportunities. You can direct your lead evaluation process according to predefined steps. You can segment your leads.
  • You can effectively manage your opportunities and close them using options you will predefine.
  • You can track quotes and revisions for each opportunity.
  • You can track your competitors in their sales processes and correlate gains and losses.
  • You can record your quotes with document attachments via document management. You can shape your quotation process with predefined work-flows.
  • You can use CRM via Microsoft Office Outlook in addition to your web browser.
  • You can link your data in Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Dynamics CRM with each other.
  • You can record your sales forecasts and targets by financial period or differing criteria. You can track sales quotas and finalised sales on individual and group bases.
Service (Customer Services)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers the most comprehensive yet simplest framework for contracts, requests and complaints within customer services management. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can successfully track customer contracts, increase productivity in request management with work-flows and gain complete control over the process with reporting and audit mechanisms.
  • You can quickly and efficiently respond to customer services requests and feedback. You can quickly update customer details over the course of request management.
  • You can apply predefined work-flows in request management. You can easily manage your requests and job streams with the user-friendly interface.
  • You can revise and manage customer contracts suitably for your organisation.
  • You can direct your personnel to carry out activities at the correct service level via work-flows.
  • You can ensure your personnel easily report the services obtained within the scope of contracts.
  • You can reach the correct information at the correct time. You can obtain a solution for problems during first contact thanks to an information repository.
  • You can forward warnings and reminders to your representatives’ mobile devices. You can manage and update service activities.

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